Strong Black Woman

This one may be less informative, less powerful, less valuable to you, and to the cause. But this is what is on my heart. And this is what I want to share. I cannot speak for the whole of the black community but I can speak for myself. I am a black woman, and like... Continue Reading →

Introducing Black

Black is not a personality type. Black is not a music genre. Black is not food. Black is not a shooting target. Black is not a threat. Black is not an enemy. Black is just like you. Black is beautiful. Black is capable. Black wants to achieve. Black wants to flourish. Black want to live.... Continue Reading →

You’ve posted a black square…. now what?

Tuesday 2nd June saw thousands of Instagram users posting a black square. Thousands of people standing up for Black Lives Matter, refraining from posting personal pictures, videos and stories, hashtags reading "#blackouttuesday" and "#theshowmustbepaused". If you didn't have a feed filled with loads of black squares, I'm convinced you're living under a rock! Although this... Continue Reading →

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