Netflix Review: Emily in Paris Season 1 (spoiler alerts)

I just finished watching Season 1 of Emily in Paris literally 5 minutes ago and I had a sudden urge to write a blog about it. Have any of you guys watched it? What did you think? This isn’t my normal motivational, deep, societal issue awareness kind of blog but I’ve been wanting to spice up my content and make it a little more casual for a while now. So here we go.

I think it started off quite slow, although it was only 10 episodes it took me and my other half a couple of episodes to actually get into it but once it gained momentum, we were hooked. Did anyone else feel really sorry for Emily at first? She moved to a foreign city to work last minute, was bullied by everyone, had pretty much no friends and no idea how Parisian culture worked. And suddenly she becomes the other woman in this extremely toxic cheating affair whilst pretending to be the cheated on woman’s best friend! I felt so sorry for Camille, the poor girl didn’t deserve it at all. My favourite characters had to be Luc and Julien. Oh my days they were so funny! They added so much character to the show especially in the office scenes, they were my favourites from the start.

Me and Bart screameddddd at the ending. We thought it was so ironic that after everything Gabriel had done, he had the AUDACITY to stay in Paris with none other than Antoine’s help… THE NERVE of these men. We were literally screaming “nahhhhhhh” down the phone over FaceTime (covid sucks) because of that.

I mean we understood the whole idea of the mysterious desire that Gabriel and Antoine had for Emily and Sylvie respectively, and I guess the novelty of trying something new but they had perfectly gorgeous, hardworking, respectable woman already who were literally the nicest, kindest, my pure-hearted people. We literally couldn’t stand either of their characters one bit. I guess Emily and Sylvie had more in common than they gave off.

Overall, I’m not disappointed at all and literally can’t wait until season two. Especially after that cliff-hanger! But what’s a series without a cliff-hanger? Would totally recommend it to anyone who’s into light hearted, slightly chick-flicky, American-French series!

Love Always,

Shadz xo

One thought on “Netflix Review: Emily in Paris Season 1 (spoiler alerts)

  1. Love the show!! Also Mindy adds to it as well, as this crazy, a bit odd person, yet very talented singer. Especially now that she moved in with Emily, hopefully we will see more funny interactions between them!


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