My Books of the Year 2019/2020:

In case it wasn’t obvious from my blog, I like to read, so here are four of my top books of the year – both course and leisure related:

1) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – I have to start with the book that I am currently reading. If you’re into young adult fiction, a tad of romance and a bucket full of tears, this one is for you.


2) Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens – As an English student, it was a bit embarrassing that I hadn’t already read Oliver Twist. I ended up doing my coursework assignment on it after finding out how many themes were packed into it. If you like a bit of Victorian culture, this is a great read.


3) Turtles All the Way Down by John Green – I could have not have done this blog without adding in my absolute favourite author of all time. John Green. I could write so much on how much his novels influenced me as a younger reader and writer. I believe I even wrote about him in my Personal Statement for university! This book is great for teen readers – but us young adults can enjoy it just as much.


4) The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon – Another young adult fiction novel. Again, might need to keep the tissues near – I certainly did!! This novel was the first novel of Nicola Yoon that I had come across and I am glad I did! P.s. The novel has a film adaptation on Netflix!!!!!


I would love to hear your favourite books of the year!

Love Always,

Shadz xo

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