So who’s going to break the cycle?

Nowadays everyone’s got a lot to say about social media. Snapchat. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. A lot of the younger generation, myself included can’t go a day without scrolling through our feed, flicking through stories, liking, commenting and reposting. But is it really all that bad?

It without a doubt that social media is used to do a lot of bad. There is a vast number of people, particularly teens and young adults who develop increasing bad self-esteem issues and mental health problems due to an over-indulgence on social media platforms. This is as a result of not being able to meet the standards that some influencers insinuate. But this is only a limited view.

Amongst ourselves, we peer in on each others lives, relationships, homes, meals, businesses, lifestyles and compare ourselves to our followers and the people we follow, including our real life friends. Without even realising sometimes we fall into the toxicity of comparison. And comparison can kill.

However, there is so much positivity that comes with getting stuck into social media, it’s not all that bad. And we need to teach this to not only our generation and the generations to come but also to the generations before us who are certain “our stupid phones” are the cause of all the worlds problems (metaphorically of course). Promoting hobbies, spreading encouragement and making people laugh are only some of the ways in which social media is pushing this generation forward. We need more of this. Let’s be mind changers. Let’s be cycle breakers.

Love Always,

Shadz xo

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